The DataMine Research Group

Deriving actionable insights from real-world data


Our research focuses on understanding machine learning models and real-world data through quantitative metrics and analyses. We work on interdisciplinary and crossdisciplinary research projects in biomedical, life, health and social sciences and Computer Science education. Below are ongoing projects in our research group.

Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization

Many real-world applications of machine learning are multi-objective in nature, yet they are solved using single-objective formulation. We are developing new evoluationary-based approaches to solving such multi-objective problems in multiple domains.

Data Valuation in Machine Learning

Data-driven artificial intelligency and machine learning are rapidly changing the process of scientific discovery and development of solutions to real-world problems. We are interested in understanding and quantifying the value of the real-world data used in training of such models and their impact on the reliability, stability and fairness of the trained models.

Scientometric Data Mining

Meta-research is the process of organizing, producing and communicating scientific research. Its overall aim is to contribute to the scientific ecosystem by identifying gaps in knowledge as well as in transparency, rigor and reproducibility. We are particularly interested in understanding the trends and interconnections of scholarly works at a large scale.


Current Group Members

Natalia Khuri, Principal Investigator

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Nathan Whitener, Undergraduate Researcher

Nathan is developing federated learning workflows for the analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing data.

Andrea Jiang, Undergraduate Researcher

Andrea is developing collaborative human-AI approaches to text to image conversion.

Shelton Zhao, Undergraduate Researcher

Shelton is developing multi-objective evoluationary approaches for mining high-dimensional, noisy and biased data.

Past Members

Han Bao, Undergraduate Researcher (2019-2020)
Sapan Bhandari, MSCS Thesis and Summer Research Assistanship (2020-2021)
Andrew Greene, Early-College Undergraduate Research and URECA Undergraduate Scholar (2019-2020)
Andrew Knox, Undergraduate Researcher (Summer 2020)
Tianen Liu, CS Honor's Project (2019-2020)
Caitlyn Marsac, URECA Undergraduate Scholar (Summer 2020)
Joshua Mannion, MSCS Thesis (2020-2021)
Esteban Murillo Burford, MSCS Thesis (2019-2020)
Sarah Parsons, Staff Research Scientist (2020-2021)
Anish Prasanna, Undergraduate Researcher (2019-2020)
Jackson Shapiro, CS Honor's Project (2019-2020)
Mitchell Topaloglu, CS Honor's Project (2021-2022)
Xiaochen Wang, CS Honor's Project (Fall 2020)
Reyna Wu, CS Honor's Project and Undergraduate Researcher (2020-2021)
Ria Xia, Undergraduate Researcher (2021-2022)
Jasmine Xu, CS Honor's Project (2020-2021)
Tian Yun, CS Honor's Project and Undergraduate Researcher (2019-2020)

Get in touch, if you are interested in collaborations, have project ideas, or want to discuss our research.